Not Dead.

I am in fact, alive, and realizing I haven’t posted in nearly a year! I have an art group with a few of my closest friends, so I tend to forget to post here or that this blog still even exists. Whoops.
I’m still writing, though a tad infrequently. Got into a bit of a writing drought after December because of something that happened, and couldn’t seem to finish any short stories for months. But with encouragement from my friends, I was able to finish a short story involving one of my favorite characters (Marie Faye) in early June.

Maybe I’ll post it 😉


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Character Breakdown – Violette.

Did this for an art group with my friends, so I thought I’d post it here.



Gender: Female.

Age: 24

Given Name (Full): Violette Mae Bellamy

Pronunciation?: Vee-o-let May Bell-a-me

Ever changed name? If so, why? to what? for how long?: N/A.

Nicknames (with reasons): Vee. Oscar sometimes refers to her as ‘Bellamy’. Niklas’ ‘abgehärtet Blümchen.’

Religious Affiliation: Nondenominational Christian.

Citizenship: French.

Nationality: French/German.

Birth place: Paris, France.

Birthday: December 17th, 1926.

Birth Mother’s Full Name (Maiden): Claire Forst.

Birth Father’s Full Name: Raoul Bellamy.

Guardians (if not parents): N/A.

Siblings: Step-brother Michael after Raoul marries Amy, lives in a different town so not around often.

Grandparents: Not really important.

First Language: Grew up learning French and German at the same time.

Fluent in: French, German.

Parents are fluent in: Father – French, German, English. Mother – German, French.

Eye Color: Kelly green.

Glasses?: Reading glasses, actually only used for taking measurements or when she’s really tired. Black, thin frame, curved rectangle.

Skin Color: Medium olive.

Hair Color: Chocolate brown, highlights appear during the warmer months from how much time she spends outside.

Freckles: A few start popping up the longer she stays outside.

Birthmarks: Has a small ‘cafe-au-lait’ spot on the right side of her neck, just a little darker than her skintone. Not really noticeable unless you know where to look.

Beauty marks: N/A.

Moles: N/A.

Scars: Bullet wound on the right side of her upper torso, knife scar on her chest.

Tattoos: French resistance symbol on the middle of her back (below her shoulder blades), snippet from an Edgar Allen Poe poem on her left side, near her ribs.

Piercings: Ear piercings.

Other skin marks: N/A.

State of Teeth: Nicely kept, straight and white.

Posture: Good posture, does have occasional back pain from bending over from decorating pastries and now cutting fabric.

Physical Build: In good shape, slightly muscular from martial arts training with her father.

Height: 5’7.

Approx Weight: N/A.

Eyesight: Needs glasses when tired.

Hearing: Yes. (She’s 24 and in good health for the most part I don’t really know how to answer this.)

Flexibility: She can do the splits if that says anything.

Double jointed?: N/A.

Do They Have a Scent That Stands Out?: Still smells like a bakery.

Other Physical Quirks: A dimple in her left cheek, a few strands of hair that curl more than the others.

General Temperament: Often smiling, a positive person for the most part. But can have her quiet, sad moments.

Three words you would use to describe their personality: Ambivert, hardworking, warmhearted.

Three words they would use to describe their personality: Sociable, independent, stubborn.

Self-esteem: Higher than it used to be. She has been rebuilding it slowly over the years after breaking up with Charlie. Is beginning to learn again that her worth is not just in her appearance.

Sanity: She tends to be others rock, so yeah it’s there.

Optimistic/ Pessimistic/ Apathic/Empathic/ Realist: Empathic optimist.

When upset: Becomes quiet, slowly working on her communication skills as she often doesn’t want to bother anyone. Spends a lot of time by herself.

When angry: Gives people the silent treatment if really angry. Often depends on the situation. Takes a lot to get her to yell.

When depressed: Doesn’t take care of her health very well.

When overjoyed: Has a tendency to bounce on her toes, giggly. (If Niklas is involved she will probably kiss him.)

Leader or Follower?: More of a leader, but will gauge the situation for what’s needed.

Stressed easily?: No. Unless you stick her in a hospital, then she is a bundle of stress.

What do they do to relax?: Plays ukulele, works in her little garden, knits, takes Otto on a walk.

What would send them into a blind rage?: Not that kind of person.

What would over joy them?: To see Niklas be happy in France.

If the closest person to them were to be killed: – Niklas – Become depressed, pour herself into working all the time to try and cope. Possibly succumb to broken heart syndrome – (stress induced cardiomyopathy or takotsubo cardiomyopathy) not wanting to get better.

If they suddenly lost use of their legs: Would miss being able to run and climb things, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world for her.

If they suddenly became a vampire: Cry and then probably burn. She loves being outdoors and in the sun.

If they suddenly became a were-wolf: Become worried about hurting others during a full moon. Would start paying attention to the moon cycles.

If they woke up as a ghost: Try to contact Niklas, and then go scare Oscar.

If they had one wish: Less probable – For Niklas not to have to suffer from panic attacks and seizures anymore.
More probable – For Niklas to feel as at home in France as possible.

If they could live anywhere: She really likes where she lives now.

If they were made into a toy, what three phrases would they say?: She’d be more of a huggable stuffed animal than a toy that said something.

Dream Job: Loves what she does now, seamstress.

Nightmare Job: Stuck in a office cubicle doing business stuff/anything to do with being on a boat.

View on Others (General): Treats them as she would like to be treated, unless you give her a good reason not too.

View on Others (Same race): Same as above.

View on Others (Different race): ^^.

Beliefs on Poverty: Tries to help out the best she can when she can.

Beliefs on Fighting and War: Will fight for what’s right, but despises war and what it does to people.

Beliefs on Death / Afterlife: Believes in a heaven and a hell, but no matter where a person ends up, they should treat everyone kindly.

Beliefs on Money: Knows it’s important for many things, but would like to not worry about it as much as she does even though she isn’t what one would consider poor anymore.

Most treasured item: The collection of Edgar Allen Poe poems that Oscar gave her for her birthday one year. (It would be her mother’s wedding ring, but Raoul won’t let her have it until she gets married.)

Most treasured memory: Her mother teaching her new German words while they made dinner together, her first date with Niklas.

Wants to forget: The deaths she’s witnessed. Getting attacked by Paul.

Embarrassed about/by: Her father’s stories about when she was younger. How scared she is of thunderstorms.

Proud of: Her ability to replicate clothing items she’s seen. Her friends and their accomplishments.

What would they say is their best quality?: Her love for her friends and family.

What would they say was their worst quality?: Her tendency to be selfish of the people she loves.

Manners: Yes, uses them a little less at Oscar’s house since they’re like siblings.

Fears/ Phobias: Water, thunderstorms. The loud fireworks that sound like thunder. Dying the same age her mother did. Losing her friends and family.

Obsessions: The color yellow and poetry.

Talking Behavior: Speaks faster in French than in German, accent gets thicker when she’s tired and speaking German.

Do they like dancing?: Yes, but only with certain people.

Do they like singing?: Yes, especially while playing her ukulele or guitar. Is shy about it though, takes a lot of persuasion to do it in front of a lot of people. But will happily sing for Niklas if he asks.

Do they like acting?: Not a hobby of hers, but would be willing to try it.

Do they like playing music?: Yes.

Do they like creative writing?: Would much rather read than write.

Do they like math?: Nope.

Do they like science?: Meh, like reading about people finding out new things more.

Do they like sheep?: I guess so? She likes fluffy/furry creatures.

Three Talents: Can sew all sorts of things, can get Niklas to fall asleep to a lullaby, can usually bathe Otto with getting fully drenched.

Allergies: N/A.

Unhealthy Habits: Forgets to eat when stressed out.

Athletic?: Practices martial arts with her father.

Current Injuries: Does a sensitive throat count?

Drinker?: She’s French, what do you think.
-If so, how often, and what?: Wine, occasionally spikes her coffee. After a particularly long day at work, when out to dinner, at parties.

Drug User?: Nope.
-If so, how often, and what?: N/A.

Smoker?: Nope.
-If so, how often, and what?: N/A.

Illnesses, (mental & physical): N/A.

Past illnesses: N/A.

Medications/prescriptions: Took pain medication after being shot and then after being attacked by Paul.

Other Addictions: N/A.

Past Injuries: Was shot, cut by a knife on her chest, attempted strangulation, broken ribs, bruised hip. Bumps and bruises from climbing trees in her childhood.

Suicide attempts: It wasn’t really an attempt, she’d just often drink way more than she should’ve. Knows her limit now.

Can they cook?: Pretty well considering she lives alone and worked in a restaurant.

Diet: Relatively healthy, there aren’t as many cupcakes and cookies in her house anymore after getting a new job.

Eating Disorders: N/A.

Eating habits: Normally eats a good amount, except when stressed out.

Vegetarian?: N/A.

Vegan?: N/A.

Gluten Free?: N/A.


What did they look like when they were three? Petite little kid, bright eyes.

What did they look like when they were eight? Small for her age, but made up for it in feistyness. Usually nursing some scar or bruise from climbing things and getting into the occasional spat with another kid.

What did they look like when they were thirteen? Just beginning to hit puberty, still climbing things.

What did they look like when they were twenty? Unhealthily thin, dulled eyes. Smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes.

Their First Memory: Raoul putting her on his shoulder so she could be taller than everyone in the crowd. About three years old.

Something they’ve forgotten: 19/20 is a bit of a blur for her.

Something they could never forget: Holding Gene as she watched him die.

Most frightening experience: ^^ Also getting shot.

The worst thing they have ever done: She’s killed several people.

The worst thing that has happened to them: Uhhh, well there are several… Getting physically attacked by Paul after being rejected by Niklas at a Christmas party.

Worst time in their life: The few years after her mother died, and then again the first few years after the war ended.

Best time in their life: Life currently.

A defining moment in the shaping of their personality: Standing up for her mother after Claire was bullied and refused service for being German.
– Choosing to help with the war effort despite the risks and people telling her she couldn’t do it.

Relationships with Family and why: Very close with her father, they were all the other had for many years. Paternal grandparents refuse to acknowledge her existence, doesn’t talk with her maternal grandparents either.

Where have they lived?: Paris, France.

Education: Up to university, did not end up going.

Current and past jobs: Spy for the French during the war, waitress and baker for her father’s restaurant, seamstress.

Broken bones? If yes, which ones and how?: Two broken ribs after Paul attacked her.

Are they wanted for anything?: N/A.

Other important history: After her mother’s death, Vee did not talk very much. It wasn’t until Oscar and his sister Marie became friends with her that she opened up again.

Age : The age she is now is pretty good.

Animal : Her dog Otto.

Art (Writing, Visual, musical, ect): Sewing, her guitar. Niklas’ art.

Country : France.

Drink : Do milkshakes count?

Color/Color Combo: Blues and yellows.

Flavor (Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter): She has a sweet tooth, but will also drink her coffee nearly black.

Flower: Peonies.

Food : Strawberries.

Language / Accent:: Niklas’ speaking French.

Outfit : Pants and a tied up button down shirt in the warmer weather. As it gets colder, she starts wearing dresses more and now will occasionally ‘borrow’ one of Niklas’ sweaters.

Saying : N/A.

Scent : Niklas’ sweaters. Lemons.

Sound : Wind chimes, nature sounds.

Temperature : Seventies, light wind.

Texture : Otto’s fur. Also likes messing with Niklas’ hair.

Time of Day: Early mornings.

Type of Music: N/A.

Weather : Late spring, summer.

(What you would associate them with)

Animal : A cuddly cat.

Color : Sky blue.

Emotion : Affectionate.

Holiday : N/A.

Instrument : Her ukulele.

Item you own: Older blanket from my childhood, a little worn but still warm and comforting.

Music: Quirky, indie music. Daughter’s music.

Noise: Soft music playing in the background of a bookstore.

Piece of Furniture: Comfortable couch you could spend hours talking to your friend on.

Plant : N/A.

School Subject: Music/band.

Sin : Envy, mostly having to do with sharing the people she loves. Doesn’t often voice it.

Weather : Spring.


Allies: (During the war.) Officers above her.
– Attitude around Them: Respectful most of the time.

Enemies: (During the war.)
– Attitude around Them: Be scared.

#Best friends: Oscar Faye, Marie Faye. Niklas.
– Attitude around Them: Treats Oscar and Marie more like siblings than anything else. Relaxed, outgoing.

Co-Workers/Colleagues: *(During the war.) – Timothe Weil.
– Attitude around Them: *Would flirt with pretty much anyone to obtain information she needed.
-Patient when he messes up, gently assertive when he needs help.

Crushes: N/A.
– Attitude around Them:

#Friends: Philippe Beaumont, Ruby Moreau, Lyla Weil.
– Attitude around Them: She treats her friends pretty much all the same, lovingly teasing them, very protective of them. Is always there to lend a hand or give advice or even just to listen.

Rivals: Val??
– Attitude around Them: She wants to punch him currently.

Person they are Closest to: Niklas and Oscar.

Mentor?: Raoul? Sort of?

Sociability: Friendly, loves getting to hear different stories from people, different opinions.

Social Reputation: Known as a little odd, but fun to be around and always willing to lend a hand.


Marital status: Courting.

Love interest: Niklas Schäffer.

Affection between them: Vee is a very affectionate person and loves him more than anything.

Favorite activities together: Nap dates, cuddling with him while she reads or they’re just talking. Making him wear silly hats. Showing him how to play her ukulele.

Perfect Date: Spending time with him in a place where he isn’t anxious, maybe encouraging her love of milkshakes.

How lovey-dovey is this character? Super lovey-dovey.

Main Love Language: Physical touch, quality time.
– (Gift Giving, Quality Time, Physical touch, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service?)

Do they take initiative?: Often, would like if Niklas did so as well.

Do they believe in true love?: Yes.

Go slow or Jump into it: She just kinda jumped into it.

Do they want kids?: Yes, eventually.

Do they want to get married?: Absolutely.

Do they get jealous easily?: Unless some girl was persistent, not really.

Divorced?: N/A.

Remarried?: N/A.


Morning Routine: Wake up and feed the animals before eating breakfast herself, take a quick shower and then get ready for work.

Typical Breakfast: Toast, fruit and coffee.

Typical Lunch: Whatever Lara happens to be making that day.

Typical Dinner: Sometimes eats at the restaurant, but most of the time eats dinner at home. Lunch is her big meal so dinner isn’t very big unless she’s making it with other people in mind.

Typical Snacks: Strawberries, oranges, cookies. Will sometimes eat lemon slices.

Weeknight Evening: Spends time sewing her own things, listens to the radio while cleaning the house, laundry, calls Niklas to see how he’s doing when he isn’t working with her anymore.

Weekend Evening: Every other weekend out dancing with Ruby, Marie and Lyla (possibly soon Sibylle if she would like). Hangs out with friends.

Nighttime Routine: Feeds animals before her own dinner, every once in a while will give Otto a good brushing. Puts on pajamas, brushes teeth and then brushes her hair. Reads for a little while. In bed and asleep about 10:30-11:00.

Typical Sleep Schedule: Pretty sound sleeper unless there is a storm. Falls asleep about 10:30-11:00 and wakes up at 7:00. Weekends she stays up later and gets up later.


Home: Oddly built small house between two normal sized ones.

Favorite mode of transportation: Her car, bike.

Pets: Otto – Briard, French breed of dog. Poppy – Kitten that Philippe gave her for her birthday.

Description of daily surroundings: Her home, her small neighborhood, the shop she works in.

Living Arrangements: Lives by herself with Otto and Poppy. Her neighbors think she’s a little strange.

Describe their bedroom: Moderately sized, fits her bed, a dresser and a desk. Walls are painted yellow and her bed frame sits up against a window. A few pictures decorate the wall her desk sits against as well, along with a bunch of notes. Dark wood floor.


Story Line They Belong to: Uhhhh I don’t know if we have called it anything yet.

Reason for Creation: Ship for Niklas.

Origin of Name: I searched French names and there it was.

How Long Since Creation?: Will be a year in a few months I think.

Significant Changes Since Creation: Mostly just character development, nothing was too cement in the beginning.

Role-played With Them?: Yeeeeeep.

Drawn Them?: Nope.

Commissioned a Picture of Them?: Not really, Kyra just draws her and Niklas when she feels like it.

Actor Who Could Voice and/or Portray Character?: She’s based off of a model named Beccy from this Jack Alexander photography. Her singing voice is Coeur de Pirate.

Causing Suspicion.

(All characters mentioned, with the exception of Niklas), are mine. I also didn’t name Berle’s wife because I didn’t want to look up more vintage French names, which I’ve already done at least…7 times, I’m pretty sure. This was pretty fun to write even if it’s short, pulling myself out of a little writing rut, bleh.)

  • Set in 1951, Paris France. (Excuse my French, I don’t speak the language. Just some web research.)



Violette sat on the steps of her front porch, licking a popsicle as she waved goodbye to Oscar who had just gotten into his car. Just a quick visit to drop off a pair of pants he needed hemmed, but he had paid her in a box of popsicles, so she had forgiven him for the shortness of the visit.
On her left, a younger looking couple was playing with their two small children in the front yard. Tossing a ball back and forth between each other, the little ones giggling with delight when their father pretended to dramatically drop it and had to run off to catch it. And on her right sat an old married couple in their rocking chairs, Vee could feel them watching her.
Soon enough, the two got up and walked over to the joint fence, beckoning Violette to come over. Furrowing her brows, as she didn’t often talk with her neighbors, she hesitated for a moment and then joined them, smiling in greeting. “Bonjour, how I can I help you two?”
The man, named Berle, which she vaguely remembered from mixed up mail, cleared his throat and put his arm around his wife. “Well, we’ve noticed the sometimes often comings and goings of several…men. And we wanted to make sure nothing of the…unsavory sort was going on, as it would be highly frowned upon in this neighborhood.”
Shocked into silence for a moment or so as realization set in, Vee stared at Berle and his wife, melted popsicle slowly dripping onto her hand.
Were they insinuating what she thought they were?
“I am not a prostitute!” Vee blurted very suddenly, and a little too loudly, causing everyone within hearing distance to go silent.
Berle started again quietly, glancing nervously over her shoulder at the father of the family on the other side of the house. “Miss Bellamy I-I wasn’t, you misunder-”
“Ohhoho, I think I understand you just fine sir! I am certainly not whatever you think I am.” Vee interrupted him, starting to laugh at the ridiculousness of it. “And if I was, I’d have…” She stopped herself, not wanting to give Niklas any reason to worry about coming over once she told him what had just transpired. Now Oscar on the other hand…he was going to have a field day with it. Switching the popsicle to her other hand, Vee wiped off the sticky residue on the side of her dress. “I hope the rest of your day is pleasant, bon après-midi.” She turned on her heels and made her way to her front door, the last thing she heard before closing the door behind her being a small voice ask, “maman? What’s a prostitute?”
(Probably should explain why I wrote this a bit. The majority of Vee’s friends are guys, and the son of her boss(es) visits from time to time to make up a sewing lesson when she’s too busy at work. Her neighbors just apparently decided to ignore her other three female friends.)


There are stitches in my ear.

I haven’t posted in a long time, whoops. Sorry about that. I don’t really have an excuse…you may proceed to angrily comment 😀
But I have gotten the email notifications, so I decided I should probably get my butt into gear and say hello properly. So, hello! A few things to know about me: I post sporadically, I’m obsessed with the musical Hamilton, my hair is currently purple and blue, aaaand I am a total romantic. So don’t be surprised if any ‘fluff’ writing (as my friend calls it) pops up.


Characters I have been working with a lot lately and need to talk more about:

L&DS story line (Life & Death Situations. What I’m calling it for now)
Main characters:
Cecil – Death incarnate.
Oswald – Cecil’s assistant.
Eleanor – Poor girl who gets caught up in all of this.
Nadia – Life incarnate.
Luna – Nadia’s assistant.
Characters who will be at least mentioned, important-ness to the story still being debated:
Fiona – Works for Cecil in joint with Elliot.
Elliot – Same as above. These two are my children and very close to my heart. I want to do something in addition with them, telling their story, why they work for Cecil in addition to the king in their universe. Will explain when it’s all sorted (bug me about it if I go quiet)
Elvira – Works for Cecil in return for a deal she made to keep her sister alive.
Ollie – Works for Nadia. Still getting that all figured out as well, had to remove her from Ezra’s life sadly for it to all work 😦

Other Characters I will mention from time to time:
Violette/Vee – From a storyline I have going with my friend, set in 1950’s France and she is shipped with my friend’s character. They are adorable.
Oscar – Another one of my French kids, engaged to Ruby. Works as a ballet teacher.
Ruby – Is a nurse, engaged to Oscar and they are Vee’s really close friends.
Ezra – My often socially awkward, geeky agent child. Dating Denver (not my character, a friends)

And I think that’s it for now, if you have any questions feel free to comment and I hopefully I’ll post a short story soon.


P.S – There are stitches in my ear because of a keloid procedure I had done yesterday, didn’t think I’d leave you hanging did you?


Pop figures. 

It’s been a while since I’ve updated y’all on my pop figure collection, and since I got a new one today I thought I would share.
I have been looking out for this guy, EVERYWHERE. Finally I found him, and I’m willing to bet he was the last one in the store. I got really excited and showed my dad, who said I had to get him because more than likely I wouldn’t find another for a very long time. 

Thanks dad 😀 
 Order of when I got them. 

  1. Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy) 
  2. Loki (Thor) 
  3. Twelfth Doctor (Doctor Who) 
  4. Joker (Dark Knight Trilogy) 
  5. Daredevil (Marvel) 
  6. Vision (Age of Ultron) 
  7. Harley Quinn (D.C) 
  8. Ultron (Age of Ultron)
  9. Sherlock Holmes (BBC) 
  10. Mycroft Holmes (BBC) 
  11. Jim Moriarty (BBC) 
  12. Rey (Star Wars) 
  13. Finn (Star Wars) 
  14. Scarlet Witch (Age of Ultron) 
  15. Moriarty with a crown (BBC)
  16. Kylo Ren (Star Wars) ❤

I plan on getting even more, and dad is going to get some shelves for me soon. 

Beautiful People February 2016: Denver and Ezra (Ezra’s Answers)


Was asked to do this by C.B. Cook a friend of mine and of course I said yes. I mean, it’s adorable Denver and Ezra how could I not? Anyways, if you would like to see Denver’s answers to these questions you can click here!


  1. How did they first meet? Ezra: I bumped into him at the library, knocking the books out of his arms and awkwardly introduced myself.

    2. What were their first impressions of each other? Ezra: That he was waaayyy out of my league. I mean I know I’m not ugly, but I’m not exactly ‘model material’ either. But after getting to know him better I realized we’ve got a lot in common.

    3. How long have they been a couple? Ezra: I’m horrid with remembering things, uhhhhh seven months?

    4. How committed/loyal are they to each other? Would they break up over a secret or a disagreement? Could stress drive them apart? Would they die for each other? Ezra: Well this was certainly a jump in questions. I’m completely loyal to Denver and I don’t think we would break up over a disagreement or something like that, not over something trivial. And I would protect Denver as well as I could, I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to him.

    5. List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!) Ezra: Let’s seeee…. He only eats ice cream if it has chocolate in it in some form or another. He only drinks his coffee black, which how he can tolerate it is beyond my understanding. No matter how hard I’ve tried he still doesn’t like too many vegetables, and I’ve even wrapped some in bacon. The several road trips we’ve taken to see something in another town are always accompanied by his go-to snack, nuts.
    *laughing*And, at one point during a day trip the road was icy and I fed some to him so he could keep both hands on the wheel. Hmmm, oh! I’ve noticed whenever I’m over at his house that he always asks who has made dinner. Not entirely sure why…maybe in case Albany has tried her hand at cooking again?

    6. Does anyone disapprove of their relationship? Ezra: Brooklyn, his sister.
    I wasn’t sure at first if she didn’t like me or was just always like that. Nope, she just doesn’t like the fact that I’m Denver’s girlfriend. I’m still trying to get her to like me, but it feels like a losing battle.

    7. What would be an ideal date? Ezra: Nothing extravagant. Working on a computer together or renting a good movie and curling up on the couch.

    8. What are their personality dynamics? Similar? Contrasting? Do they fight a lot or mesh perfectly? Ezra: We have a lot in common, so pretty similar. I don’t think we’d really fight over something, most likely talk it out.

    9. What have been their best and worst moments together as a couple? Ezra: The best hmmm….
    There are a lot of moments that come to mind so I’ll just pick one. When I first told him I loved him over a game of checkers he kissed me and then got scared by Albany laughing, so he fell on me. I think I laughed a few pounds off that day. Aaaand the worst, uh, Brooklyn dampening the mood by not liking my presence can get annoying at times.

    10. Where do they see themselves and their relationship in the next few years? Ezra: I don’t really know where I see myself in a few years, I just hope Denver is by my side wherever I am. Maybe…with…rings on our left hands…? That, that would be nice. 


I’ve been working with Violette a lot lately with developing more of her backstory and roleplaying with my friend who owns Niklas.
❤ Niklas, even though he’s a bit dense at times.

I’ve also been developing Vee’s best friend Oscar, who I dearly dearly love. He’s a bit of a flirt, but he has a really good heart.


She hadn’t been acting herself lately, Oscar knew that much at least. But it still came as a surprise to find her sitting down on the floor in the back of the restaurant, her back against the wall and a flask pressed to her lips. Violette didn’t look surprised to see him, even though it was after-hours, she merely stared at him as she held the flask in her lap, not saying a word. It was a strange sight, seeing her disheveled and without a smile on her face. But not exactly shocking, the war had ended nearly two years ago and she confessed to him that she still struggled on occasion with her choices.
But he didn’t think it was this bad.
Kneeling down in front of her, he took the flask from her hand and set it aside, asking in a worried tone, “Vee, how much have you had to drink?” How often did she do this? God, he was so stupid! She had hidden the extent of her pain so well. He should’ve been paying more attention, then she wouldn’t have had to go through whatever she was going through, alone. She was often surrounded by people, but somehow still alone.
“Enough.” She replied in a whisper, tears beginning to spill onto her flushed cheeks. He watched her for a few silent moments, his heart breaking at the dullness of her green emerald eyes that usually were so bright. Her hurt may not have been so easy to see, her few physical scars typically hidden by clothes, but it was the emotional ones that left the most impact. “Are you okay? Do I nee-”
Fists clenched, she interrupted him loudly. “Of course I’m not okay! How could I be okay? After all I’ve done Oscar, I’ve killed people, people who had families, people that loved them! And I took that away, I was given a gun and orders a-and I took that away for the sake of what? Winning? This-” her voice cracked and the tears starting falling faster as she reached up to rake her fingers across her scalp. “This isn’t winning, not even close. I’ve been damaged, and no one could want me after knowing what I was involved in. “
Oscar leaned closer and grabbed her wrists, preventing her from inflicting any more harm on herself and held her hands tightly. “You did what you thought was right in order to protect our country, and you’ve saved so many people in the process. The good definitely outweighs the bad, I need you to see that. It’s okay to be sad from time to time, but living in constant pain like this is not something you deserve, you have a right to be happy again.” Letting go on her hands and taking his handkerchief from his pocket, he gently wiped her tears away as he softened his tone. “And Violette, you are not damaged. You are beautiful inside and out, and if someone only likes you for your physical appearance then they are not worth the energy. I can promise you that one day you will find someone who sees your scars, both physical and emotional, and understands them, a man who will love you in your entirety.” He hoped for her sake his words sunk in, that they would make some sort of difference because he didn’t want her to hurt like this any longer. He wouldn’t allow it.
“And if I don’t?” She asked quietly, taking the handkerchief from him.
“If we’re both in our thirties and not married or dating anyone, I guess we’ll just have to marry each other and raise hell for Paul together.” That got a small laugh out of her and Oscar quietly let out a sigh of relief. A laugh was a good sign.
“Thank you Oscar, I needed that.” She said, sniffling. Kissing the top of her head, Oscar put his arms around her and hugged tightly. She didn’t need someone to keep protect her, but he would. He would watch out for his girl.